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      cardinal health logo on a wall

      We are Essential to Care?

      With approximately 50,000 employees worldwide, we help pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, and physician offices focus on patient care while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and improving quality.

      Contact Us


      General Inquiries


      Inquiries about requesting the Cardinal Health logo, logo use, publications and related brand information.

      Cardinal Health?
      Branding Strategy and Management
      7000 Cardinal Place
      Dublin, OH 43017


      Related Information
      Branding guidelines

      Careers (Human Resources)

      Inquiries about jobs, account assistance and other related topics.

      Corporate Headquarters

      Indirect Suppliers

      Submit your company information here to register as an indirect supplier interested in doing business with Cardinal Health.

      Media Relations

      Inquiries for news and media-related issues.


      Inquires and comments about our public website.

      Business Conduct (Ethics)

      Charitable Support (Community)

      Inquiries about charitable donation requests, community activities, grants, awards and our foundation.


      Inquiries about our commitment to diversity and inclusion across our employee and supplier communities.

      Investor Relations

      Inquiries about stock-related questions for shareholders and analysts.

      Physician Payment Sunshine Act/Open Payments

      Physicians or teaching hospitals that have a question about the information filed by Cardinal Health pursuant to the requirements of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act/Open Payments section of the Affordable Care Act may contact Cardinal Health by completing the form below and clicking the "Submit" button.

      Clinical and Medical

      Pharmacy Management

      Inquiries about pharmacy outsourcing, outpatient pharmacy services, improving pharmacy operations, Joint Commission preparedness, and optimizing automation:

      Remote Pharmacy Services

      For questions about remote medication order entry and review, as well as automated medication order management

      Medical Products and Distribution

      Becoming a Distributor

      A variety of companies distribute our self-manufactured products, including gloves, surgical supplies, and other items used in health care. ?View our professional medical products

      To be considered for a Cardinal Health? medical products distributor account, please follow our?new distributor application process.


      Hospital-quality products, now available for home use.

      Learn more about our family of products, and where to purchase.

      EDI/XML Support

      Customer assistance with EDI- or XML-based implementation of cardinal.com or for locations with multiple sites and users.


      General Customer Service

      Inquiries about medical products; orders and/or assistance with placing an order through cardinal.com; catalog, sample packs or literature requests.

      Physician Products

      Dedicated customer service for physician offices and specialty medical service providers, surgery centers and home care specialists.


      U.S. Government Accounts

      For federal government sales and general inquiries.

      Becoming a Medical Products Supplier

      Inquiries about becoming a Cardinal Health, Supply Chain Services - Medical Supplier.

      If inquiring by mail, include product literature, samples (please do not send hazardous materials), and a signed non-disclosure agreement.?

      Distributor Management

      Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

      Our Customer Support Center is always here to help. Questions about one of our devices? Need assistance? Our team of trained specialists are ready and waiting to answer your questions. All you have to do is ask.

      Hospital Supplies

      Inquiries about medical products; orders and/or assistance with placing an order through cardinal.com; catalog, sample packs or literature requests.

      Password Reset/Help

      Assistance with cardinal.com ordering, including site registration issues, ID/password resets, browser configuration, access problems and web page errors.

      Product/Ordering and Technical Assistance

      Inquiries about medical products or a current or past order; help placing an order through cardinal.com; catalog, sample packs or literature requests.

      ValueLink(r) Distribution

      For ValueLink? ?sales and general inquiries.

      Pharmaceutical Distribution

      General Customer Service

      For U.S. pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain services.

      Product/Ordering and Technical Assistance

      Assistance with Cardinal.com pharmaceutical applications, including site registration ID/password resets, browser configuration, access problems and Web page errors.


      Inquiries about specialty medications and pharmaceutical care for individuals with complex health conditions such as Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Psoriasis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

      Pharmacy Distribution

      For U.S. pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain services.

      Nuclear Pharmaceuticals

      Inquiries about nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals; unit dose service and delivery; Positron Emission Tomography (PET imaging services); Nuclear Cardiology; Cardiology Solutions; Complex Pharmaceuticals; radiation safety and compliance; reimbursement assistance; continuing education for nuclear technologists and other related questions.

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