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      group of diverse young associates smiling

      Everyone matters at Cardinal?Health.

      Cardinal Health wants to help our employees thrive in their career as they welcome new and exciting challenges.

      Our Culture

      associates holding discussion during meeting break

      Our People

      group of professional associates

      Values & Leadership Essentials

      group of professional associates with focus on man smiling in front

      Diversity & Inclusion

      associates smiling during workshop discussion

      Careers & US Benefits

      group of professional associates smiling

      Our Awards & Recognition

      red background with white text reading Standards of Business Conduct

      Ethics and Compliance

      Learn how our culture sets us apart

      473KB – PDF

      Related resources:

      Equal employment opportunity/ nondiscrimination policy

      58KB – PDF

      Employment of minors policy

      27KB – PDF

      Harassment and bullying prevention policy

      71KB – PDF
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