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      Diversity and Inclusion

      Diversity at Cardinal Health is global and includes thoughts, communication style, interests, languages, values and beliefs, and a variety of dimensions.

      The workforce is rapidly changing; cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment is crucial to corporate success. In our efforts to ensure diversity in the workplace, Cardinal Health strives for a workplace that accurately reflects the communities and marketplaces in which we do business. Learn more about how to join our inclusive culture today.

      Cardinal Health actively attends external events to develop employees' knowledge on diversity and inclusion issues, and we host courses for our employees – see list below.

      This course is offered to Cardinal Health employees to build awareness and bridges regarding the inclusion of GLBT employees in the workplace. The course is intended to increase comfort when dealing with challenging situations and subject areas that may be unfamiliar to employees and managers.

      Employee Resource Groups

      Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide an excellent platform to understand the professional, personal and business goals of our diverse workforce, while utilizing their insights to facilitate a way to better serve our customers.

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