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      More awareness. It results in a richer culture.

      Cardinal Health leverages your unique contributions, ideas and perspectives to create an inclusive work environment. We do this through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – groups of people who share interests, a common bond or background and offer support for each other. By leveraging ERGs, Cardinal Health is able to mirror our marketplace.

      • African American Network (AAN)
      • Asian Pacific American Network (APAN)
      • Disability Advocates Network (DAN)
      • Equality Network (EN)
      • Hispanic American Network (HAN)
      • Veterans and Military Advocates Network (VMAN)
      • Women’s Initiative Network (WIN)

      Creating an Inclusive Environment: LGBTQ

      This course is offered to build awareness and bridges regarding the inclusion of LGBTQ employees in the workplace. It’s intended to increase comfort when dealing with challenging situations and subject areas that may be unfamiliar to employees and managers.

      Cardinal Health actively attends external events to develop employees’ knowledge on diversity and inclusion issues. Some of the events Cardinal Health has attended are:

      • Black Engineer of the Year Award Conference (BEYA)
      • Catalyst Awards Conference
      • Working Mother Media – Best Companies for Multicultural Women
      • Asian Leadership Summit
      • Asian Pacific American Bar Association National Convention
      • Working Mother 100 Best Companies Work Life Congress
      • Out & Equal Conference (for LGBTQ)
      • Executive Leadership Council (mid-level manager training)
      • The Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference
      • Organizational Resource Council
      • Center for Corporate Equality
      • Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC)
      • Next Generation Executive, Partnership Inc., Harvard Business School
      • The Conference Board – Diversity (Work-Life/Workforce Diversity)
      • National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC)

      Charlotte, Inventory Manager

      Meet Charlotte

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