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      man in wheelchair meeting with two people in a cubicle

      In the Community

      Encourageing positive experiences, at work and at home

      Cardinal Health supports all employees both at work and in the community. Our strong partnerships with many organizations provide education and resources to help you and your family live active lives.

      Supporting Parents of Children with Autism

      April is National Autism Awareness Month and our employees honor it by educating others on the autism spectrum and what it means for those of you who have a child with autism. In partnership with the Autism Speaks organization, we are providing education and resources for working parents to help support you and your families.

      Shifting Perspectives

      With our support, Dublin Arts Council (DAC) and The Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio (DSACO) presented Shifting Perspectives: In the Community, a celebration of acceptance that captures the joy and wonder of what it is like to be human and living with Down syndrome. Through the medium of photography, artists create sensitive images of everyday life that challenge conventional attitudes and perceptions of identity and individuality.

      Partnering with Purpose

      Cardinal Health supports and participates with many local and national organizations to promote disability inclusion:

      • Direct Employers
      • VETS, U.S. Department of Labor
      • Wounded Warriors Project
      • ADA National Network
      • Autism Speaks
      • Ohio Industry Liaison Group
      • Ohio Business Leadership Network
      • Disaboom
      • Think Beyond the Label
      • COVA
      Julie, Nuclear Pharmacist

      Meet Julie

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