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      man in wheelchair meeting with two people in a cubicle

      Resources and Support

      We’re working to remove the barriers to your success

      Cardinal Health believes in removing any barriers that may limit the success of employees with disabilities. To help your transition into the workplace, we’ve implemented the Disability Advocates Network (DAN) to create an environment that attracts, retains and leverages your talents. Disability Advocates Network is composed of over 100 employees and supports Cardinal Health by:

      Educating Employees

      DAN celebrates National Disability Awareness Month by hosting an Educational Fair for employees, a Lunch and Learn for managers and special events with noted speakers. DAN also sponsors a Mental Health Awareness Month Fair with exhibitors from the National Alliance on Mental Health, Mental Health America of Franklin County and Autism Speaks.

      Increasing Manager Effectivness

      In conjunction with the Northeast ADA Center at Cornell University, DAN was involved in the development and implementation of the Just-In-Time Toolkit for Cardinal Health managers, which includes tips, checklists and resources to help managers lead a disability-inclusive workforce.

      Supporting Community-Based Activities

      For the last two years, DAN has supported the Holiday Hope Gift Drive for patients at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare.

      David, Product/Market Senior Specialist

      Meet David

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