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      former female veteran working at a distribution center and smiling

      Military Awards and Honors

      award reading Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award

      National Secretary of Defense Freedom Award Finalist

      logo reading Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

      Ohio ESGR Above and Beyond Award

      logo reading Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

      Ohio ESGR Pro Patria Award

      award reading Seven Seals

      The Seven Seals Award

      Military Partners

      Veterans can also connect with Cardinal Health through our military partners. These organizations provide invaluable training, along with networking opportunities, to assist you in finding rewarding jobs with respected companies:

      • Direct Employers
      • Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces
      • Hire Heroes USA
      • Joint Services Academy
        • USAF Academy
        • U.S. Naval Academy
        • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
        • U.S. Coast Guard Academy
      • National Guard Job Connection Education Program
      • VETS, U.S. Department of Labor
      • VetSuccess
      • Fisher House
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