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      former female veteran working at a distribution center and smiling

      Resources and Support

      As a U.S. veteran, you may find that it’s challenging to transition from military to the corporate world. Cardinal Health is committed to assisting veterans as they reenter the workforce. We provide several services, from support through training and development, to help you build a successful career path with us. In addition, we assist the veterans we hire with a variety of resources. We also offer support for current employees who may be active service members in the Reserve or Guard.

      Military Leave

      Our nation’s service members include more than 1,082 Cardinal Health employees. We offer our active service members a comprehensive and customized Military Leave program with attractive benefits.

      Veterans and Military Advocates Network (VMA) Employee Resource Group

      The VMA is an all-inclusive organization of Cardinal Health employees whose goal is to continue the spirit of service by supporting each other, the Cardinal Health mission and veteran causes in the community.

      Veterans Professional Advancement Course (VPAC)

      Operation Support Our Heroes Event

      Each year, Cardinal Health employees volunteer their time to help collect donations and build over 2,000+ care packages for homeless veterans across the United States and we partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help distribute the care packages. During the first week of November, they dedicate a full day to packing boxes, in an effort to show our support and celebrate Veterans Day.

      How Your Rank Matches Our Roles

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