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      Urine collection kit samples.

      Test with integrity.

      How can you be sure your collection protocols are being met?? What can you do to help control product usage and drive standardization?

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      • Specimen integrity

        Specimen integrity

        A specimen collection kit can help you achieve specimen integrity without adding costs or workload to a budget already stretched too thin.

        • Adherence to collection protocols
        • Adequate specimen quantity
        • Less contamination 1,2,3,4
        • Improved turnaround
        Lab professional at work. Large number 1 on top.
      • Staff efficiency

        Staff efficiency

        Depending on your needs and application, the right collection kit can simplify workflow and training, drive standardization and reduce SKUs, drive efficiency of ordering and inventory management.

        Laboratorians and clinicians
        — More time for patients
        Materials management
        — More efficient ordering and less material handling
        Lab professionals working with specimens in petri dishes. Large number 2 on top.
      • Patient satisfaction

        Patient satisfaction

        Specimen collection kits help decrease turnaround times and contamination rates1 which can help ensure staff and patient satisfaction.

        • Fewer retests1,2,3
        • Faster treatment1,2,3,4
        • Shorter hospital stays1,2,3
        Nurse drawing blood from patient. Large number 3 on top.


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