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      Nuclear Medicine

      Delivering patient care that provides optimal outcomes and meets patients’ high standards is a challenge, especially amidst the healthcare reform, consolidation and consumer demands that characterize today’s constantly shifting healthcare landscape.

      We are the essential element of nuclear medicine.

      Meet your patients' needs safely and accurately.

      When you call, you'll be quickly directed to the right expert or resource by our specialized sales consultants.

      Questions about technology? Talk to your local Product Implementation Engineer who can provide onsite training and educational materials to equip you with all the necessary skills. Or call customer support available Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST at 800.495.8832 to get answers when you need them.

      Need to drive efficiency? Our operational excellence team team is focused on Joint Value Creation and works with customers to explore opportunities to improve efficiency.

      If you have a scheduling, ordering or radiopharmaceutical question, no matter how bizarre or trivial, our local expert pharmacists are available 24 hours a day to give you accurate, informed answers.

      Our fleet and drivers are optimized to deliver your doses in the timeliest and most efficient manner possible. Like you, they understand the importance of on-time delivery in your facility and on your patients’ lives.

      Chemists and engineers

      To help ensure reliable supply, our PET biomarker manufacturing facilities are staffed with highly-skilled chemists and engineers who have immediate access to a parts inventory so your doses arrive on time, every time.

      Quality and Regulatory (Q&R) team

      Our in-house Q&R team drives superior safety standards and processes through a vigorous quality and regulatory philosophy to help ensure the safety and efficacy of our radiopharmaceuticals. With Cardinal Health mandated audits multiple times each year, each pharmacy is expected to exceed regulatory requirements to support our commitment to quality, compliance and reliability.

      Reimbursement expertise

      Our dedicated team of reimbursement experts can help you understand the impact of reimbursement rules on procedures. Learn more

      Where We Are

      Shelf containing Piglet? Delivery Systems.


      We are the only national US source for both PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals, which provides a one -stop shop and eliminates the complexities of working with multiple suppliers.

      Radiopharmacy Locations

      Cardinal Health operates the largest radiopharmaceutical network in the United States. We are where you are.

      Doctor sitting at desk looking at imaging on monitor.

      Business and practice management

      Cardinal Health has the tools and expertise to help you simplify your day-to-day activities. Because when your operation is seamless and you’re prepared for what’s next, you can focus on what matters most…the patient.

      Nuclear professional putting radiopharmaceutical materials in a container into a locker.

      Safety and compliance

      As a nuclear medicine professional, you strive for the highest level of safety and compliance. While handling radiopharmaceuticals, your responsibilities extend beyond the patients you care for to to those you touch wherever you go.

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