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      Man in lab coat looking at a scan on a computer.

      Business and Practice Management

      Continuing Education

      Through our robust offerings and support of Continuing Education (CE) courses, we strive to provide you with information that is timely, relevant and appropriate.

      Nuclear Web Ordering

      Search, order, track and access patient information with one secure, web-based application

      Reimbursement expertise

      Your department depends on reimbursement for survival. Depend on our team of reimbursement experts for personal, on-demand reimbursement education and support.


      The first integrated cloud solution for nuclear medicine departments to help improve workflow, manage compliance with regulatory requirements and improve patient safety.

      EDI 810 Invoicing

      EDI 810 is the industry standard for the safe, secure transmission of invoice data into customers’ Accounts Payable systems.

      Syntrac? Integration Tools

      Cardinal Health has the IT solutions and expertise to help you simplify your day to day activities.

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