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      Nuclear Web Ordering

      A web-based application

      Multiple ways to access Web Ordering


      The easy-to-use dashboard offers a snapshot of your daily order history together with color-coded order status information. Multiple search options in the application allow you to search orders by name, drug name or purchase order (PO) number.

      Improve efficiency in your facility by sending your prescription orders electronically to your Cardinal Health nuclear pharmacy. With Web Ordering you can reduce time-consuming paperwork and decrease the amount of time it takes to place, track and document orders.

      Placing your prescription orders online and sending them directly to your local Cardinal Health nuclear pharmacy can help improve the accuracy of your orders, eliminating guesswork and the extra steps involved to ensure a correct order is placed. By eliminating potential communication barriers during the ordering process, you take one more step towards improving your patients’ safety.

      Verify order status through easy-to-read dashboard status updates. Up-to-the-minute information is available to monitor and track orders from customer placement to pharmacy shipment. Regardless of the order placement method (phone, fax, web, mobile web, or Syntrac? Integration Tools), status updates are viewable online.

      Web Ordering Workflow reports provide important information about your order details and history, and can help your facility make better decisions regarding your radiopharmaceutical purchasing needs. The reporting feature offers online reports built from your order data that can be saved in Microsoft Excel format or printed for your records.? Common standard reports:

      · Physician sign-off report

      · Physician and indication report?

      · Order status count report

      For reporting needs that go beyond the standard reports, you can use the advanced reporting feature and interactively create your own query of your order data.

      Ready to get started?

      Video Tutorials

      Learn how easy Web Ordering can be with expert led screencasts designed to get you up and running quickly.

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