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      Man in scrubs putting a Presource PBDS box on a shelf.

      Simplify your procedural supply chain.

      In a fast-paced environment, get the products you need, when you need them.

      Procedure-Based Delivery Systems (PBDS?)

      Procedure-Based Delivery Systems (PBDS?) brochure

      730KB – PDF
      Delivery man pushing cart with Presource PBDS boxes.


      Work faster and smarter.

      Every box is scanned and handled swiftly with care. Consolidate the number of items ordered and received to improve efficiency and cut down on products to handle and store.

      Thank you for your interest in Presource Products & Services. A representative from our team will reply to your inquiry within 24-72 hours. Have a nice day!

      Yes, I would like to learn more about Cardinal Health’s products and services by email. I can withdraw my consent or change my preferences by visiting Update Preferences. Visit Privacy Policy for more information about Cardinal Health’s privacy practices.
      associates in cap and gown at distribution center putting together custom kitting

      Presource? Medical Kit Products

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