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      Remote pharmacist

      Remote Pharmacy Services

      Flexible, 24x7 pharmacy support

      Is it a challenge to recruit and deliver 24x7 pharmacy coverage? Do you need to free up your pharmacy team’s time for strategic patient care initiatives?

      Expanding pharmacy’s impact

      Discover how we can help

      Yes, I would like to learn more about Cardinal Health’s products and services by email. I can withdraw my consent or change my preferences by visiting Update Preferences. Visit Privacy Policy for more information about Cardinal Health’s privacy practices.

      Medication Order Management

      Cardinal Health helps hospitals with cost-effective pharmacy order management. Learn more about our medication order management service.

      Retail Telepharmacy Software

      Open or expand your outpatient pharmacy operations to capture more revenue and provide better patient care.

      Remote Order Entry Service

      Cardinal Health is the nation’s leading telepharmacy company. Learn about our cost-efficient, 24/7 pharmacy coverage.

      Using remote pharmacy models to support strategic goals

      Challenged to expand services amid budget reductions and labor constraints?

      Implementing strategic efforts, such as patient discharge counseling and an EHR?

      Starting CPOE?

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