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      nuclear pharmacist reading results of scan

      Commercialization Solutions

      Don’t forget about the customer.

      Customer readiness solutions help expedite ramp up

      Customized solutions, such as equipment and licensing services as well as expert AU guidance help educate physicians and ease the burden of facility set-up. to help drive adoption of your therapeutic radiopharmaceutical.

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      Waste management services take the worry out of disposal

      Customers can easily return all materials provided by Cardinal Health eliminating challenges and objections associated with radioactive waste.

      Commercial technologies drive accuracy & efficiency

      Our commercial technologies interface with patient hub services for seamless coordination while “white-glove” delivery services helps ensure every patient dose arrives on-time to the person administering it.

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      Compliance management solutions and innovative safety products enhance safety

      We help facilities maintain compliance with applicable regulatory requirements for the safe handling, storage and administration of radiopharmaceuticals, so they can focus on their patients.

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      Ready. Set. Go.

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