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      Packaging Solutions

      When it comes to packaging solutions, you want peace of mind. Cardinal Health offers packaging solution services, from testing to consulting, with a superior record of quality control, accuracy and attention to detail.

      Cardinal Health operates a state-of-the-art laboratory

      Package Testing

      Tests on finished packages are mainly conducted in the OQ and PQ portions of a packaging validation. Typical tests include burst testing, seal strength testing and integrity testing.

      Engineering and Consulting Services

      The Packaging Technology Center offers engineering and consulting services for new product launch, packaging reevaluation and auditing and more.

      Cold Chain Solutions

      Cardinal Health offers significant experience and resources to cold chain management systems.

      Materials Testing

      Materials testing is used to compare properties of candidate packaging materials. Which one is stronger? Which is more slippery? Which has the lowest porosity?


      The Cardinal Health Packaging Technology Center has been validating its own packaging distribution systems for more than 20 years and has been offering this service to other medical device manufacturers (MDMs) for the last five years.

      stack of prescription pills in packets

      Cardinal Health Packaging Solutions

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