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      Reach for the Stars

      Enabling our independent pharmacies to elevate patient care and improve their impact on your ratings.

      Both industry pressure on managing costs and CMS Star Ratings make it critical that you take a close look at pharmacy performance. Cardinal Health understands, and works hard to evolve our solutions and ensure that our pharmacies remain top performers.

      We are helping our more than 5,000 community pharmacies see exactly how they contribute to CMS Star Ratings and pinpoint areas for improvement. We then arm them with a wide selection of flexible and?customizable tools for driving patient engagement and adherence. And as the country’s third largest group of affiliated pharmacy contracting networks, Cardinal Health is uniquely qualified to deliver the resources required to support high-performing pharmacies and higher CMS Star Ratings.

      map showing locations of independent pharmacies with CMS Star Ratings across the United States of America

      Helping pharmacies see how they measure up
      As CMS Star Ratings become more critical to the future of pharmacy, we work closely with our pharmacies to help them understand their performance. Access to EQuIPP?, a neutral intermediary for the calculation of pharmacy quality scores for both pharmacies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and Medicare Part D plans, allows them to monitor their performance on an ongoing basis.

      Pharmacies can:

      • See their performance compared to Medicare Star Ratings thresholds
      • Benchmark their pharmacy versus Organization Average, State Average and All EQuIPP? Users Average
      • Obtain information on performance-based incentive opportunities
      • Access Improvement Strategies and Resources

      Enabling pharmacies to identify the patients who have the most impact on performance
      With pharmacy quality measures focused on adherence, even a few patients who don’t take their medications as indicated have a negative impact on a pharmacy’s quality measure performance. EQuIPP? Patient Outlier reporting and Adherence Reports from our Reimbursement Consulting Services (RCS) show our pharmacies which patients are most in need of help.

      RCS Adherence Reports include:???????????

      • Five disease- and medication-specific adherence reports give adherence information by Proportion of Days Covered (PDC)
      • The High Risk Medication for the Elderly report shows any patients on potentially dangerous drugs

      Providing pharmacies with solutions tailored to patients’ challenges

      Each patient faces a different set of adherence challenges, so we arm our pharmacies with a wide variety of solutions that allow them to offer patients the best set of solutions to help them take their medications as prescribed.

      • Medication Therapy Management Solution:?To support Medicare Part D MTM programs, we partner with OutcomesMTM, Mirixa and OptumRx to ensure our pharmacies can access and complete MTM opportunities for eligible members to positively impact important quality measures and provide the best possible care.?
      • Medication synchronization: Simplifying refills for patients with multiple prescriptions by coordinating a patient’s prescriptions so they can be picked up on the same day each month improves adherence by allowing patients to make one trip to the pharmacy per month.
      • Specialized Care Centers: Our programs provide personalized learning opportunities and tailored action plans that encourage patients to become more informed about prevention, condition management and wellness.
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