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      Business Advantage


      Take the complexities out of running a 340B program by utilizing 340BDirect ? - a solution that offers an infrastructure and platform of more than 400 covered entities available for pharmacy participation.

      Cardinal Health Medical Benefit Billing

      Bill, track and reconcile your medical billing claims in real time on an integrated platform with Cardinal Health Medical Benefit Billing.

      Independent Pharmacy Returns

      Eliminate your need to manually reconcile returns credits and gain more time with your patients.

      Order Express

      Simple, efficient and reliable web ordering application for retail pharmacies

      Pharmacy Health Network?

      Pharmacy Health Network? engages viewers with health videos, AccuWeather?, and customized media promoting in-store services and specials.

      Prescription Editing

      Prescription Editing consists of a series of edits that evaluates prescription claims and provides reviews prior to being sent

      Security Solutions

      Cardinal Health Security Solutions guides pharmacies through ways to reduce loss, reduce risk of liability, and increase safety

      Telepharmacy Solutions

      TelePharm, an industry-leading telepharmacy software solution, empowers you to expand your pharmacy and provide better local access to patients.

      Business Optimization Advantage

      Operate your business effectively and efficiently, both operationally and financially

      Cardinal Health? Inventory Manager (CIM)

      CIM is a perpetual inventory solution that provides the essential tools to help you effectively manage your pharmacy? prescription inventory.

      Managed Care Solutions

      As an extension to your staff, we can help you simplify your pharmacy administration from Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) contracting to claims and revenue management.

      Pharmacy Business Assessment

      Cardinal Health Pharmacy Business Assessment offers review of the business factors affecting successful operation of your pharmacy

      Pharmacy Marketing Advantage

      Formerly known as Local Store Marketing, the new Cardinal Health? Pharmacy Marketing Advantage digital platform equips pharmacies with the tools to reach patients where they are — via web, app, text, email and social media.

      Reach for the Stars

      Reach for the Stars enables independent pharmacies to elevate patient care and pharmacy performance as it relates to Star Ratings

      SOURCE? Generics

      Take advantage of the industry’s top generic drug program with Cardinal Health Generics.

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