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      Pharmacist at pharmacy check out line with customer

      Retail Pharmacy Solutions

      Revolutionize retail in your store with our host of front-end resources.

      Benefits to your pharmacy

      Retail Pharmacy Solutions

      The Front-end Product Management program makes it easier than ever for you to manage your front-end and makes this important part of your pharmacy more effective. The program components can streamline your pharmacy's front-end management by giving you the guidance and resources you need to make your store enticing.

      LEADER? Brand offers more than 800 high-quality over-the-counter (OTC) products that contain the same active ingredients as their national brand counterparts. Each product comes in attractive, consumer-friendly packaging.?LEADER? Brand products return an average gross margin of 50 percent, nearly double the national brand, which returns an average gross margin of 25-30 percent.

      The Completely Upfront Monthly Planner provides new items, merchandising tips, suggested monthly seasonal end caps and private label updates. It features deals on over-the-counter and home healthcare products, and also includes consumer-facing marketing materials to use in your store. Our Monthly Ad Program features private label and national brand over-the-counter products to entice your patients to buy more than just their prescription in your pharmacy.

      Keeping track of new LEADER? and brand products on the market can be time consuming and difficult to manage. Cardinal Health takes the guesswork out of new item management with First Placement, bringing new items right to your door, without you having to lift a finger. To enroll, visit Electronic Enrollment on Order Express or speak to your Retail Operations Consultant.

      The Diabetes Specialized Care Center will give you the tools to turn your pharmacy into a wellness destination. Go beyond the prescription to provide your patients self-management education that guides them on a journey to well-being.

      Cardinal Health offers a variety of solutions to help you manage your pricing. The Retail Pricing Program is a pivotal component of the Front-end Product Management Program and its six retail tiers allow you to choose the option that best fits your business.

      Be sure to check out our Retail Solutions page on Order Express where you can find product and solution information to position your pharmacy as a health and wellness destination in your community.

      • Completely Up Front Monthly Planner
      • Consumer Health Retail Academy
      • Diabetes Specialized Care Center
      • Drop Ship Offering
      • End-cap Programs
      • First Placement Program
      • Front-end Product Management Program
      • LEADER? Brand
      • LEADER? Vitamin Club Program
      • Monthly Ad Program
      • POS Smart Reports
      • Retail Pricing Program
      • Seasonal and?Awareness Bag Program
      • Temporary Price Reduction Program
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