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      Dispill Multi-dose Packaging

      Dispill? Medication Packaging System

      Dispill-USA logo

      Why is improving medication adherence so important?

      145 million

      One third

      How does Dispill? help improve medication adherence?

      Getting started with Dispill? is simple

      • Cardinal Health customers order online?here??
        • Or call customer service at 800.926.3161 (US) 800.981.4699 (Puerto Rico)
      • Kinray customers?order online?here??
        • Or call customer service at 888.527.6806
      • Not a Cardinal Health or Kinray customer? Order online?here??
        • Or call 800.727.6331

      Thank you for connecting with us.

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      How do you take it to the next level with Dispill??

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      pharmacist reviewing prescription with patient

      Good Medicine: How to improve med adherence and your bottom line

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