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      Registration Information

      How do I get a User ID?

      As a registered customer, you can order products, track order history, create frequently ordered lists, check product availability, and even see your contract pricing. Each of these features is enabled by a user sign-in ID and Password.

      • All IDs are now setup by the Admin of your organization or Sales Rep. Please reach out to them directly to get access to Cardinal Health Market. If you do not know your Admin or Sales Rep, please contact Medical Customer Service at 800.964.5227.
      • To establish an account with Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution, please contact us at?866.677.4844

      Consumers interested in products for home use, please?email us?for the location of a local distributor in your area.

      Products purchased are not for resale unless you are an authorized distributor. Some restrictions apply including minimum order requirements (you will be notified of specific terms upon completion and acceptance of your credit application). By using this application, the customer agrees to enforceable and valid obligations created by the communication of electronic messages via Internet without regard to the absence of writings or written signatures. However, no such electronic messaging shall modify, add to or delete any terms and conditions of a written agreement between the customer or any GPO to which the customer belongs as a member.

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